How To:

Select a breastpump

Since there are many styles of breastpumps, you’ll need to consider several things. How often you expect to use yours–daily or once in a while? Are you feeding one baby, twins or even triplets? Do you expect to return to work and continue to nurse? How important is convenience and speed? Do you have a set budget for cost? These are some of the questions that will help you decide whether you’ll want an electric or a manual pump. If speed and convenience are your primary concerns, you’ll probably want to consider an electric breastpump. Some include features such as autocycling (the pump cycles automatically to simulate a baby’s sucking) and double pumping (gets the job done quicker and easier). They often include a carrying bag that hold the pump with all the accessories may even have the motor built into the carrying bag so there’s one less thing to unpack. For occasional use a battery operated pump or a manual pump may be the perfect solution.