Doorways are just as irresistible for young children. Since they lead to rooms, hallways, closets, staircases, and the outdoors, a thorough safety check should involve securing doors so your child will not have access to unsafe areas. This will also prevent little fingers from being caught inside a door jamb or within the hinges. Several products are designed specifically for this purpose, but in the case of hinged doors, a simple solution to prevent finger pinching is to place a towel over the top of the door so it will not close all the way.

Always lock doors leading to the yard as well as those leading to staircases, storage areas, workshops, cellars, garages, bathrooms, even closets since they often contain unsafe items such as ties, belts, purses and plastic bags. You'll also want to make sure that no door can be locked from the inside without being opened from the outside so your child cannot get locked inside a room.

To protect kids from the dangers of doors leading to cellars, garages and workshop areas, an Automatic Door Closer is a wise investment since it will "remember" to close the door behind you after you leave a room. Since many laundry rooms are located in the cellar, this item can be a “must” to help prevent an accidental stairway fall. Just keep in mind that this product will only close, but not lock the door.


Door Closer Door Closer
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Glass doors can cause bumps and bruises and those in older homes may be more breakable if the glass is not tempered. Try applying decals at your child's eye level if necessary and make sure the glass is tempered or safety glass.

Be sure to check all your door stops. Most homes have two-piece door stops. These have a rubber cap which can be removed by a child and presents a choking hazard. Replace them with one-piece style door stops that easily screw into baseboards.



Safety Products for Hinged Doors

Many different products help minimize the dangers of hinged-style doors. Some hook over the top or side of doors to prevent doors from being shut and pinching fingers. Others hold the door open to help prevent injury from swinging doors.


More often, parents will want to insure that doors are kept closed, and a variety of products will prevent children from opening doors but will allow adult access. A Doorknob Cover fits over a standard style doorknob and does not allow the doorknob to turn in the usual manner. An adult must tightly grip the cover over two points, while turning the doorknob to open the door. Some Doorknob Covers easily install with a hinged design while others may be more difficult to install and use.


Door Latches also keep hinged doors closed. Some mount at the top of the door keeping them out of your child’s reach and also making them less noticeable. Some styles mount on the sides of doors and are better suited for doors which are too high for adults to reach or doors that you want older siblings to be able to open.


Child Safety Door Flip Lock, 2 pk. Child Safety Door Flip Lock, 2 pk.
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Safety Products for Bi-Fold Doors and Sliding Doors

These locks are designed for non-hinge-style doors such as bi-fold doors and sliding glass doors. Bi-Fold Door Locks slide over the top hinged area of bi-fold doors to keep them closed.. Sliding Door Stops have suction cups that secure to sliding glass doors to keep them tightly closed. These items can also be used to keep the door opened to a desired position during summer months.


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