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For Balconies–

Plexiglas or Lexan

If you have good carpentry skills or wish to hire someone to install it, Plexiglass or Lexan offers a transparent, durable shield that’s both attractive, durable and safe. Since it’s not an off-the-shelf product, it has to be ordered, cut and installed, it’s not practical for many families.

Transparent Balcony Shield

This clear, transparent guard is similar to Plexiglass, but comes in a roll, is lightweight and can be easily trimmed to size with scissors. It’s also less expensive, more flexible and easier to install than Plexiglas or Lexan.

For Decks–

Deck Netting

This is a durable, plastic mesh style netting that's designed for outdoor use. Most styles can be cut to size with scissors, install with special ties and may require screw eyes to fasten to the deck if the netting secures directly to the deck floor.

Decks offer us a place to enjoy the summer months but can also be dangerous for curious toddlers who will try to climb over or squeeze through balusters. Following are a few steps you can take to safety check your deck. Keep in mind that some of this information also applies to indoor balconies.

  • Balcony and deck railings should be spaced no more than 4" apart. You can make your deck safer with a bit of carpentry work (i.e. installing additional balusters or custom installed Plexiglas/Lexan) or by installing a specially designed safety product such as a balcony shield or deck netting.
  • Remember to also check the distance between the bottom railing and the deck floor to make sure that this distance does not exceed 4" either.
  • Safety gates can be installed on decks to create a confined area within your deck and to prevent access to stairs.
  • Before each spring, check deck floors, handrails, etc. for loose boards and splinters.
  • Install child-safe outlet plates, covers or caps on all outdoor electrical outlets located in deck area.


·         DO measure distance (at the widest point) between indoor and outdoor deck and balcony railings. The distance should be no more than 4". This also applies to the distance between the bottom rail and the deck floor.

·         DO correct wide-spaced rails by installing additional rails, netting or a Plexiglas/Lexan shield alongside the railing. Extremely wide spacing may require some carpentry work.

·         DO install safety gates to help prevent access to stairs.

·         DO install child-safe outlet plates, covers or caps on all outdoor outlets electrical outlets.

·         DO check all doorways carefully to make sure they do not offer access to unsafe areas.

·         DON'T place chairs, benches, outdoor furniture or any objects near side railings so tots cannot use them as climbing structures.

·         DON'T use safety netting or any balcony guard on railings that are spaced too far apart to provide adequate support for the product. If this is the case, remodel your deck so it is child-safe.

·         DON'T leave your child unattended, or rely on any safety item to keep your child safe. 

The information given and the products referred to can reduce the likeliness of injury and are intended to help you provide a safer environment for your child. The effectiveness of suggested products depends on proper installation and use. There is no replacement for adult supervision.  

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