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Partial Inset Cabinets and Drawers

These cabinets and drawers insert partially into the frame. Latches can be installed following the same recommendations for partial and full overlay cabinets and drawers. Keep in mind that two-piece latches must be mounted further back on the frame to allow the cabinet door or drawer to fully close. Some latches, like the Swivel Latch than others and therefore, are easier to install on a variety of cabinet styles.

Full Inset Cabinets and Drawers

These cabinets and drawers fully inset into the frames. (The faces of the drawers and cabinets are flush with the frame. They present a very clean, streamlined look but are sometimes difficult to latch. Since they inset completely into the frame there is sometimes no surface to attach a latch unless the frame extends far back enough to provide space for mounting. You may be able to use a Swivel Latch or the one-piece Drawer and  Cabinet Latch.

Side-By-Side Cabinets

For cabinets with double doors or side-by-side pulls you can use a lock that secures the handles of the two doors together. Although you can get away without any installation, the locks are always visible and are often more time consuming to operate. 


Many styles of latches are available to secure these common household appliances. Most secure with double-sided adhesive. Be aware that certain latches were designed specifically for ovens and appliances that generate heat and use a special heat-resistant adhesive. Also, some styles attach at a 90 degree angle while others must be mounted to a flat surface.

The stovetop is another area of concern and a Stove Guard will help keep tots from reaching this surface. Itís a clear, plastic shield that mounts to the front, side or top of your stove. For the stove knobs, you can use a cover that encloses knobs and prevents them from turning or a lock that installs underneath the knob that prevents knobs from turning.


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