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There are choices to make here, too! Is your hearth flush with the floor or is it raised? Is it made of brick or stone? Can your baby crawl underneath your hearth and bump his head from below? Do you have a wood burning stove on your hearth?

To help protect your baby from bumps and bruises you might consider a hearth guard. It’s made of flame retardant foam padding and surrounds your hearth’s rough corners and edges. Most hearth guards attach to the surface with Velcro®. You can still use your fireplace without removing the hearth guard when your baby is safely tucked in his crib. A HearthGate™, however, will protect your baby from the entire hearth area. This unique gate system surrounds your entire hearth and provides the ultimate protection for your baby. It’s the only solution if you have a wood stove.


·         DO remove fireplace tools, wood, newspapers, matches and other unsafe items from fireplace area.

·         DO be aware that your hearth area presents year-round danger for tots.

·         DO keep your hearth safe for older children who may use the surrounding area for play. This is especially true for little gymnasts.

·         DO remember to periodically test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for proper functioning.

·         DON'T use your hearth area for seating, storing your child’s toys or as a play space.

·         DON'T leave your child unattended, or rely on any safety item to keep your child safe.

The information given and the products referred to can reduce the likeliness of injury and are intended to help you provide a safer environment for your child. The effectiveness of suggested products depends on proper installation and use. There is no replacement for adult supervision.


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